PrograPrint Augmented Reality


A smartphone or tablet is required to use the full functionality of this site ( *
  1. Start the AR mode by tapping on the dice icon on the lower right side. It may take a few seconds for the app to open and start.
  2. Focus your device on an a large object, e.g. a table. Move your device to the left, to the right and up and down until an image of the PrograPrint PR5 appears. 
  3. The 3D printer can be zoomed in and out with two fingers as you normally would do on your touchscreen. 
  4. Tap and hold with two fingers to move the 3D printer to a different place. Move both your fingers clockwise/anticlockwise to rotate the PrograPrint PR5.
  5. To take a photo tap on the touchscreen once to display the shutter button. You can share your photos via your preferred app using the share button.
* The minimum requirements for your smartphone/tablet: iOS 11.0 (or later) recommended with Safari browser; Android 7.0 (or later). In some cases, depending on the country of origin, additional services may need to be installed. 
Note: A list of supported devices and operating systems can be found here.

Visit the PrograPrint website to find out more about this 3D printing system for dental lab applications.