PrograMill PM7

PrograMill PM7

The PrograMill PM7 offers you a future-proof high-end solution for the precise and efficient production of dental restorations.


  • 970 Watt power for sound results
  • Servomotors for the highest level of speed
  • Intuitive operation and touch-screen display
  • Integrated CNC PC and intelligent machine management
  • Ionisor and automatic self-cleaning Active Air Suction


  • Hybrid operation: Automatic change between wet and dry operation
  • Integrated ionisor and automatic cleaning function
  • 20-position tool changer for independent processing
  • Fully automatic materials management
  • Intuitive user interface for convenient operation

PrograMill PM7 sets new industrial standards for the digital production of restorations in the dental laboratory. The powerful performance and dynamics of this unit make it a highlight in the PrograMill portfolio. The high-power machine is capable of processing a variety of materials in wet and dry mode and is suitable for a wide spectrum of indications. The high dynamics and efficiency of the machine result in precise and fast production results. The 5-axis machining process is controlled via the integrated PC with touch-screen monitor.


  • IPS e.max CAD
  • IPS e.max ZirCAD
  • IPS Empress CAD
  • Tetric CAD
  • Telio CAD
  • Colado CAD CoCr4
  • Colado CAD Ti5
  • Ivotion
  • Ivotion Dent
  • Ivotion Dent Multi
  • Ivotio Base
  • ProArt CAD


  • Inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Partial crowns, crowns
  • Bridges Hybrid bridges
  • Digital complete dentures
  • Individual abutments

The good cooperation of material and tool changer allows independent and consistent production. The central management of max. 8 discs / 48 IPS e.max blocks in the material changer and up to 20 tools in the magazine ensure that the right, individual processing strategy is used. The integrated ionisor reduces the cleaning time to a minimum after PMMA has been milled.


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PrograMill Tools

PrograMill Tools

A wide selection of tools gives users a variety of processing possibilities. PrograMill tools are specifically designed for different CAD/CAM materials and colour coded by means of a ring on the shaft. Every colour represents a different material. The materials are also marked accordingly. Colour coding is also used in the operating panels of the PrograMill machines. This allows intuitive and easy tool management.


  • ​Specially developed and adapted to the Ivoclar Digital CAD/CAM materials and the PrograMill machining strategies
  • Innovative colour concept
  • Optimal production results
PrograMill Base

PrograMill Base

PrograMill Base unites function and esthetics. A powerful and low-noise suction and coolant system is integrated inside the modern lower cabinet – the optimal base for PrograMill milling machines PM3, PM5 and PM7.

The PrograMill suction unit filters harmful particles using various filtration levels.

The PrograMill tank, with a filling capacity of 15 litres, ensures automation during wet processing.

The drawer contains a specially adjusted insert, in which materials, tools and accessories have a set place.


  • Powerful suction and coolant system for automatic wet and dry operation
  • Ergonomic operation of machine and components
  • High stability
  • Ecological power-saving technology
PrograMill Suction Unit

PrograMill Suction Unit

The PrograMill suction unit is ideally adapted to the requirements of the PrograMill milling machines. The use of cyclone technology enables up to 95% of the coarse particles to be separated in a pre-separation stage.


  • Intuitive operation via colour display
  • Powerful and virtually maintenance-free
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