PrograScan One intraoral scanner

PrograScan One intraoral scanner

The intraoral scanners PrograScan One and PrograScan One+ enable dentists to take high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colour. The scanners’ advanced technology allows them to consistently deliver highly accurate and esthetic restorations and excellent patient experience1.

How you benefit:

  • Optimal treatment results thanks to high-accuracy scanning2
  • Patient-specific motion uses dynamic occlusion to perfect your restorations
  • Artificial intelligence assistant automatically removes soft tissue for scanning ease
  • Real-colour scan and shade measurement to evaluate treatment and initiate valuable dialogue with patients
  • Optimized comfort for both dentist and patient with innovative wireless scanning technology3
  • Caries diagnostic aid for early detection of suspected surface caries4
  • Seamless integrated restorative workflow with PrograMill One and IPS e.max CAD

PrograScan One software package

The flexible design software connects PrograScan One and PrograMill One into a guided intuitive workflow for single-visit dental solutions.
Featured apps for enhanced patient engagement:
  • PrograDesign – Artificial intelligence-driven design proposals for ease and speed
  • Patient Monitoring – Visualize changes over time and gain preventive insights
  • Smile Design – Design your patient’s new smile in just minutes
  • Treatment Simulator – Consult with your patient using simulated orthodontic treatment

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