Get a first impression of what awaits you with the cutting-edge new brand Ivoclar Digital.

Ivoclar Digital is the name of a strong and focused new brand developed by Ivoclar Vivadent. It provides dentists and dental technicians with state-of-the-art professional expertise throughout the entire digital process chain. The concept behind the brand will be presented at IDS 2017.

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Ivoclar Vivadent moments

Issam Kassar
Issam Kassar
Oliver Röhlig
IPS e.max CAD :-) #IvoclarDigital
Jasper Dekesel
6 upper e.max veneers #IvoclarDigital
Zahnverbreiterung mit geringem Aufwand dank Tetric EVO ceram. Zahn 42 #IvoclarDigital
Szabolcs Hant
Szabolcs Hant
Digital + Manual = Elegance #ivoclardigital #Renfert
Dimir Catalin
I love E-max :) here is one of my patients ( 8 upper e-max veneers/crowns)! Dr. Dimir Catalin DSD Master #IvoclarDigital
Dusko Gedosev
NATURAL COLOR #IvoclarDigital
Lucimara Sertorio
Meu Momento Ivoclar Vivadent #IvoBase #IvoclarDigital
Cai Verweij
e.max ceram layered on e.max Multi A1 #IvoclarDigital
Dan Barber
Best Ivoclar customer in the uk, Cant wait to be the first Lab in the world to own the new Ivoclar digital milling machine! #IvoclarDigital
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